Tips for the QR Hunt

Here we have collected some tips and tricks for you regarding the QR scavenger hunt:

What is the QR Hunt?

The hunt is a special kind of Weekly Challenge. Just like the Weekly Challenges, there is a reward when you have completed the task. However, you have two weeks instead of just one.

What’s the task?

The scavenger hunt is about finding a QR code from Innovetica in a post office and then scanning it into the app. If you’ve done this three times, you’ve fulfilled the task. You can scan the same code again after 2 hours.

On the progress bar you can see how many codes you still have to scan.

How does the code look like? What am I looking for?

The code is located on a display that is probably outside the post office. On the picture it is encircled in red.

What is the reward?

The reward is a bunch of Sparx and an action card. Action cards are a special type of playing cards that can change the rules of the game. Among all those who have completed the QR-Hunt, vouchers for the Postshop will also be raffled off, with the main prize of 1000 CHF!

Is this a one time event?

No, there will be more scavenger hunts in the coming weeks.
And every week there will be great activities called “Weekly Challenge”. Take a look at all prices under Prices.