Rise of the Action Cards

Did you get all three Action Cards from our scavenger hunt event? Well get ready for even more ACTION in Innovetica with the release of 10 brand new Action Cards on 18 February!

Action Cards are a special kind of cards than can influence how the game is played and even change the rules for a while.
There are two types of Action Cards: Event Cards and Scenario Cards.

Event cards

Instant effect, no longer valid after the turn

Scenario cards

Lasting effect for all players. Active until a new scenario card is played.



The 10 new Action Cards (as well as the 3 previously released ones) are available in flowpacks in the game’s shop, so whip our your Sparx and start shopping!

Action Cards can have a huge impact on your playing style, don’t be afraid to try new tricks. We recommend having about 2 to 4 Action Cards in a deck, but you can prove us wrong.

For more info on Action Cards visit our Rules section and watch our YouTube Tutorial on Action Cards. (Swiss German with English subtitles)