Rise of the Action Cards

Get ready for even more ACTION in Innovetica with 13 Action Cards!

Action Cards are a special kind of cards than can influence how the game is played and even change the rules for a while.
There are two types of Action Cards: Event Cards and Scenario Cards.

Event cards

Instant effect, no longer valid after the turn

Scenario cards

Lasting effect for all players. Active until a new scenario card is played.



The 13 Action Cards are available in flowpacks in the game’s shop, so whip our your Sparx and start shopping!

Action Cards can have a huge impact on your playing style, don’t be afraid to try new tricks. We recommend having about 2 to 4 Action Cards in a deck, but you can prove us wrong.

For more info on Action Cards visit our Rules section and watch our YouTube Tutorial on Action Cards. (Swiss German with English subtitles)