Winners of the Innovetica Open Cup 2019

eSports athlete Mindya from French-speaking Switzerland wins Open Cup in Innovetica’s second eSports season

The second winner in the eSports history of Innovetica has been announced: After Edouard «Eduism» Wanner of mYinsanity became Master champion in 2018, the final of the Innovetica Open Cup took place on Sunday, May 5th at the Fantasy Basel. The 16 qualifiers of the Innovetica games app competed first in a Swiss System tournament and then the four best players in a knockout bracket in a tournament with prize money of over 5,000 Swiss francs. The clear, uncontested winner was eSports professional «Mindya» from «Elan DEspoir», Geneva.

Only «Mindya» remained unchallenged in the first phase, a Swiss System tournament of the 16 finalists who had qualified directly in the app by winning online in the previous weeks. The second placed «Imoht» had four victories and one defeat and the third and fourth placed «michael» and «Ladria» had only three victories left.

Anyone who has played or missed this final will soon have the opportunity again: The next Innovetica Open Cup will start in a few weeks and the final will take place at the Zurich Game Show in September.

1st Phase: Swiss System Results

The big difference in scores of the first placed player «Mindya» with 58 points and the player «michael» with 61 points is striking. The 4th place was a neck-and-neck race in which «Ladria» did not only win with a draw instead of a defeat against «Tamy», but also had the better point difference and the higher Buchholz quotient.

2nd Phase: K.O. Final

In the second phase with the K.O. final, «Mindya» finally prevailed and defeated the second and third places in retrospective also in all direct encounters before. The four-placed «Ladria» who attracted attention in the first phase with an above-average difference of 31 points, could not win a game in the knockout phase.