Card 10 – Series 1

At the Source

You think travelling through the Gotthard takes a long time? Valser flows through the mountain for 25 years.

Select a -marker on the board and immediately collect it.

Nature began building Valser’s factory over 200 million years ago, when Africa moved closer to Europe. Between 35 and 40 million years ago, the rock strata overlapped. Ever since, rain, snow and ice have penetrated cracks in the mountain and been purified inside Piz Aul by 200 million year old rock strata, thus becoming highly mineralised. After 25 years and running for at least 1,000 m, the water springs from the St. Petersquelle source in Vals. The milder, less mineralised Valser Silence springs from the St. Paulsquelle after 5 years, at 1,806 m above sea level.