Card 26 – Series 1

Professional Expertise

Competent advice is priceless. At Swiss Post branches it's standard practice.

The player gets 2 additional if they achieve 3 or more connections of the same symbol type in one turn.

When the Swiss Post was founded in 1849, it was the first time there was a uniform delivery service organised across Switzerland. Among the things which have changed for postal workers over the years is their method of transport. The aim has always been the quickest and most practical form of transport, which meant that in the past, depending on the place, you might find postal workers on bikes, on horseback, in trams and even on skis. Now they travel on electric scooters: in fact, the Swiss Post has the largest fleet of electric scooters in Europe. And the best thing of all: postal workers don’t just bring packages, they pick them up too from work or home, thanks to pick@home.