UPDATE: The Innovetica Masters 2018 season is over and the winners have been determined. We will keep you informed about the Innovetica newsletter.

Innovetica launches the Innovetica Masters, the first eSports tournament of a Swiss game. 5,000 Francs are waiting to be won at the Innovetica tournament.

The tournament season will start during the Ludicious Festival in January in Zürich and end with the Final at the Fantasy Basel, Friday, 11th May 2018. It will surely pay you to register and train: The prize money is 5,000 Francs and will be shared by the three best lateral thinkers. Will you be one of them?

The Finale takes place, Friday May 11 2018 at Fantasy Basel. After 3pm, the onsite Qualifiers and the battle between all finalist takes place at Booth 460, Hall 2.1. The finale for the 3 first places takes place on the eSport stage in Hall 2.

Where do the Qualifiers take place?

The Qualifier events take place at various locations in Switzerland.

20. January

15:00, Kanonengasse 9, 8004 Zürich

Kanonaegass (ZH)

event over

9. March

18:00, Center Passage, Landstrasse 99, 5430 Wettingen

Magic Monk (AG)

event over

21. March

18:00, Geroldstrasse 23, 8005 Zürich

eStudios (ZH)

event over

30. March

20:00, EPFL, 1015 Lausanne Note: entry to the PolyLAN is 5CHF, this is not included

PolyLAN (VD)

event over

13. April

19:00 Real Life Cafe, Hirzelstrasse 18, 8004 Zürich

Real Life Cafe (ZH)

event over

18. April

18:00 Kalanderplatz 1, 8045 Zürich

Sihlcity (ZH)

event over

29. April

13:00, Hirschengraben 49, 6003 Luzern

Gameplace (LU)

event over

More events might be added at a later time.

How can I participate?

Register via the above event link, and we will be expecting you on the event day, at the Innovetica Qualifier or maybe even in the Final.

Participation in the Innovetica Masters is free of charge. Participation in the Final at the Fantasy Basel is subject to qualification and by invitation only.

Spectators are of course always welcome. If a tournament event takes place at an occasion such as the Fantasy Basel, everyone must buy a regular entrance ticket.

How does the tournament proceed?

Every interested player can bring his or her mobile phone with the installed Innovetica app to any Qualifier event and participate in short, small tournaments. The winners will receive a Master ticket and can qualify this way for the Final at the Fantasy Basel. It is guaranteed that they will get a starting place in the Final.

In the Final, the qualified players will play for the big title. Whenever starting spots become vacant, any present players who are interested and have signed into a waiting list can participate in the tournament.

The first rounds are played at the board game tables. The last round, i.e. the big Final, will be played on the eSports Stage and broadcasted with a commentary.

What are Qualifiers?

A Qualifier is a casual event, at which the players can participate ad hoc in short, small tournaments. These take place immediately, once there are 8 players who are ready to go. The winner receives a Master ticket and qualifies for the Final.


What are Master tickets?

Master tickets are given to the winners of Qualifiers events. Players who have received at least one Master ticket, qualify for the Final in May and therefore have a guaranteed starting place in the Final.

Master tickets are not transferrable.

  • If there are 8 participants in a Qualifier, the best one will receive 1 Master ticket.
  • If there are 16 participants the two best ones will receive 1 Master ticket each.
  • If there are 32 participants the four best ones will receive 1 Master ticket each.
  • If there are 64 participants the eight best ones will receive 1 Master ticket each.

What are the prize moneys?

In the Final of the prestigious tournament, Innovetica Masters, the best player will receive 3,000 Francs, the second-best 1,500 Francs and the third-placed 500 Francs. All other participants in the Qualifiers will have the opportunity to win great Innovetica merchandise.

What are the conditions of participation?

Participating players must register on-site in person by presenting an ID card which will be compared to a list.

Participants in the Innovetica Masters (contrary to users of the game) must be of full age at the time of participation.

The app Innovetica is available in stores and will be used without any modification (“as is”) in the tournament. In case of any bugs or technical issues the decision rests with the referee. In case of dispute the referee on site decides who wins.

Innovetica has the right to make adjustments to Innovetica, Innovetica Masters and the competition mode, as well as to cease, interrupt or prematurely finish the competition for any reason. In case of any such situation the prizes may be given to any registered participants by drawing lots.

As for the rest, the General Terms and Conditions apply.

With their registration on site the participants agree with these terms and conditions.